Quality Handcrafted Furniture

We at Old World Antiques have been building quality handcrafted furniture for decades. Utilizing techniques and methods that originated in the “Old World”, our highly skilled artisans are now creating the heirloom pieces of furniture that you will want to pass down to the next generation. While the world is filled with “disposable” goods and planned obsolescence, our focus is on building timeless pieces of art and function that will transcend fads and trends.

Defining Quality

While you may have heard the saying “you are only as good as your word”. Our philosophy is “we are only as good as our work”. We value quality above all other attributes. Being different is not the goal in itself. But if the quality of our work makes us different, that is something to be proud of. We ensure that every piece coming from our shop exceeds the highest standards. This means that we stand firmly behind our work.